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Icon  Name                                                                      Last modified      Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] sm_sepul_event_87d032c_x64_win- 2018-08-30 17:13 7.8M Server patch: Media readcheck starts two jobs; Blocking events via newday [   ] oodi_12_3_185_x64_SRV_ENU_SEP_LICENSE.msi 2018-08-30 09:41 51M Client patch: BSR Windows Pro backup fails with 'BSR Pro unknown return code (0X1)'. Uninstall SEP sesam BSR Pro Server before installation. [   ] sbc_c325b58_x64_win- 2018-08-30 09:40 16M Client patch: Restore of files with invalid wide characters in the file name or wide characters in the ADS name. [   ] sm_robot_sm_sepul_event_sm_arch_sm_inventory_c325b58_x64_win- 2018-08-30 09:24 13M Server patch: Media readcheck starts two jobs [   ] sm_sbc_com_1e95d57_x64_win- 2018-08-28 13:41 7.8M Server patch: Restore improvements for OpenNebula and Citrix Xen. BSR Windows: Selection of a saveset was not possible if another task from the same backup group failed [   ] sbc_proxy_1e95d57_x64_win- 2018-08-28 12:48 11M Client (Datamover) patch: Citrix Xen: Restore of older backup savesets. Handle master/slave configuration. OpenNebula supports NFS-based volumes. [   ] sm_copy_b095948_x64_win- 2018-08-13 15:14 7.8M Server patch: Migration does not find any savesets if the number for the copy counter is set. [   ] sm_config_drives_b095948_x64_win- 2018-08-13 15:11 7.8M Server patch: Program execution may get stuck with SEP sesam ONE