Attention: Installation of SEP sesam on Windows requires service pack if you are using a Hyper-V backup module.

Known issue in SEP sesam v. on Microsoft Windows: Possible data loss

Restoring a Hyper-V VM to the original location might lead to corruption of other VMs.
When restoring a Hyper-V VM on Windows to the original location which is also used for other VMs, the restore process tries to merge all AVHDX files to their parent VHDX files. This might lead to corruption of all VMs in the same target location.

Workaround: Do not restore any VMs to original location with v.; restore VMs to another location instead, see Hyper-V restore.

Resolution: Install SEP sesam version or use the Windows service pack to ensure a successful restore.

Service Packs for 4.4.3 Beefalo

There are currently no service packs for Grolar x64 available.

The following OS are only supported in older SEP sesam versions

x86 systems

Systems supported in older SEP sesam versions